Seven Rules of Success, The (Portuguese)

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Portuguese Language Version
How should I live? What am I supposed to do with my life? Sometimes, in this frantic, noisy world, it's difficult - or down right impossible - to tune in God to hear what He wants. But as this beautiful gift book evokes, the best advice for living is timeless! Popular pastor and author Wayne Cordeiro makes his book come alive with the ageless wisdom mined from six Bible characters. Through their lives - some lived well, others lived tragically in error - readers will discover valuable truths for living. To these character studies, Wayne adds his own experiences and stories that will help readers apply each particular life lesson. Readers will find biblical guidance and wise counsel for living life more fully.
How can I live to succeed? In a noisy, hectic world, it's hard to hear God's answer. However, He's left examples in the Bible; men & women who lived holy... and those who fell short. Learn their secrets & discover success!
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